Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pictures…As Promised

This week has been a week fraught with frustration, joy, tears, laughter, fear, and most importantly, lots of love.

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear as Emilie and I made our way up the University Hospital. Due to some concern with PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) and Pre-Eclampsia, Em’s OB decided to induce her at week 37 which was officially on Sunday. Upon examination, Emilie was dilated to a 2 and was 70% effaced. The Pit was started at about 9:15, and the adventure began.

PICT2569 PICT2575 PICT2576 PICT2579 PICT2585

Every 2 hours, an exam would come and nothing would happen. She remained a 2 and 70% until about 1PM when she was told she was a 4 and 80%. At 3PM, she was a 5+, and that is where she stayed. At about 7:45PM, one of the residents came in to do an exam and said that she was still at a 5 and that the baby was facing one of her hips. They predicted it would take HOURS before he was able to turn so that he was facing downwards. Around 8:10PM, Emilie’s dad and I gave her a blessing and at 8:20PM, Emilie felt the worst contraction yet (this says a lot seeing how she had an epidural). The doctor came in and said that he needed to check her again because her contractions were hard and the baby’s heart rate kept dropping. He checked and yelled, “She’s complete! Let’s have a baby.”


She was told to start pushing at 8:26PM, and at 8:30PM (4 pushes later), Caleb Zachary Jones was born!

PICT2598 PICT2603 PICT2605 PICT2611 PICT2612 PICT2622 PICT2627 PICT2631 PICT2645 PICT2647 PICT2650 PICT2660 PICT2664

Here are some albums of Caleb’s stay in the hospital.

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