Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Petting Zoo

Nick and his cousins (minus Kaden, since he had school to attend to) went to the petting zoo at Gardner village on Thursday the 17th. In some of the pictures, you’ll notice how Nick is bending over to “look” at the animals. Well, he wasn’t so much “looking” at the animals, as he was talking to the animals.

He loved riding the pony and wanted to go a second time. I think that in addition to our own little Dr. Doolittle, we may have a little cowboy as well. We’ll have a cowboy doctor in the family. The possibilities are endless….


Casey and Kendra said...

Very cute!! Glad to see you guys updating again!!

Hawkins Family said...

Hey how's Emilie doing? It looks like we are both due about the same time...October. How fun!